Thursday, November 30, 2006

Strike Two...

So I'm taking my second chance at the sterile field competency and touch a paper not sterile without catching it, and i'm failed! Last time (the first) i slipped a few times before the instructor called it. But this particular instructor is trying to get rid of me, and now she has the perfect opportunity. I know i sound a little paranoid, but believe me, after i failed i had quite a few tell me, they were expecting it, because of her. So if i don't pass that damn comp next wk, i fail the class. Sooooo i can w/draw before, and get a W or try again w/a pass or fail or go on or w/draw, but i have to try again before the drop date on Tues. I'm prob babbling, but i have to see what my options are. I have been sucking up a major crying fit, cuz i just don't want to fall apart again. Please forgive me those who have called, i need to pull it together a little before i call you back. So that's the crap for now. Not sure which way is up right now. Will blog later.

(P.S. Make sure you read the words under the photo carefully or you'll miss it!)


Anonymous said...

I can't say I know what u r going thru, although I think I will come next Fall when I begin my nursing journey. But if this is REALLY what u want to do, to be an RN, then do not let CI's, or anyone else for that matter stand in the way of your dreams. Regroup and change your habits where needed. Stay confident, u have made this far, do not give up. I do believe that some CI's are harder on students but in the end they are the one to pass or fail u.
Good luck and I'll say a prayer that u pass your next check-off and get past this, moving on to the next semester.

Prisca: said...

Don't give up!

Can you practice that competency over and over and over until you test? That's what I do--I write out the steps, memorize them, go overthem in my head, and then do them at home--I make-believe. Then I go to skills lab when it's open and practice there. You can do it!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, i'm a 2nd semester student in the same college as you (I think i found you from
exactly which instructors are you talking about? There are a handful of nazi instructors in our program that are very very cold and uncompassionate. Piece of advice: just pass all your competencies and they can't fail you. They might try to, but you have objective data proving that you have fulfilled all the requirements of the course as long as you pass all your competencies. And if possible, do your competencies at clinical. They are much much easier in clinical. If you do it at school, you're doing it under a highly controlled setting and subjecting yourself to brutal scrutiny. @__@

I think our program is supposed to be one of the hardest in the state or something. And some of our instructors are out to knock off the "weaker" people rather than helping everyone to succeed, so watchout!

feel free to ask me as many questions as you like.

Hang in there!

Nursapalooza said...

Hi NSCC, yeah, she's a nazi, but i'd rather not say her name here. who are you?? what's your name? How'd you do in 2nd? Thanks for the encouragment. I'm gonna have to do the sterile comp. in the lab, cuz, the drop deadline is tues. if i fail. I'm hangin, though not great! Heather