Sunday, September 10, 2006


Well I got through my exam, and i felt pretty good about it. I think I at least passed it, maybe even got a B, but I'll find out tomorrow. Took 2 competencies so far. The math I did not pass by ONE bloody point! Grrrr! Darned frustrating, that. My Vital signs comp., I passed all but the pulse. It was so hard to feel Lilly's pulse. So I'll redo it on a real life patient this wk! I'll have to retake the math, but i'm going to first take a math review they're supposed to have for us.

Now... on the the really scary stuff. This Wed, Thur, I will have a real life patient to care for. Pretty darned scary! I just hope I don't have to perineal him/her. Can't they work us into that??? Scary, scrubbing crotches! The good thing is that we'll only have class Mon and Tues this wk. The bad thing is that we'll have to do assessments and care plans. Eeeeek, this stuff is now way more real!

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