Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yes it's ever sooo true...

I did not pass the math compet. I was sooo dang upset. Only 3 of us didn't pass. Luckily, a fellow student tutored me for over an hour yesterday and i will be re-tested Monday. EEEeeeek i hope i pass. Had our orient. at new hospital, chapman med ctr. Lovely hosp and very nice people. a small hosp, but very cozy. I think this quarter will be better than last, though a lot more outside class time projects. My rotation is Gerontology. Even though most of our pat. last quarter were old also, these pat. will have more serious probs, and we will start admin. meds. I'm very overwhelmed right now, and i need to really sit down and get myself organized. Tis all for now. Planning on utilizing next four days to get organized and hopefully get essay done. We'll see. Hey happy fall everyone, it is my favorite season!

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Wendy, R.N. said...

You hang in there, Heather.

W. :)