Sunday, August 13, 2006

CPR? Check!

Had my CPR class today. Phew! What a relief to have one of my "necessities" completed before i start next wk. The teacher was great, and he went soooo fast, it was painless. Last time I took the class it seemed i was more confused when I left. But the numbers have changed, leaving it a lot easier to remember. 30-2-5. Thirty compressions (deep), two breaths, five cycles. Whether it's a child or adult it's the same. MUCH easier to remember! It was actually fun. I still haven't connected with anyone yet, I do hope that happens, I would enjoy the whole thing a lot more.

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Prisca: said...

Yes, CPR the second time around made so much more sense to, actually having to do it on another person scares the poo out of me! ;)

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