Saturday, December 09, 2006

Weekend before finals

So i finally look at studying again, since my big fall from grace, because i know that we have a review for pharm on monday. I know the final is on a friday, so i'm assuming that means the following week.. but nooooooooooooooooooo it's this friday. Eeeeek, haven't cracked a book since the breakdown.. So I am getting on with it today. This time next week i'll be all done, yay! I am feeling surprisingly relaxed these days. The one blip in my otherwise stress-free life is that i missed the withdrawal date for the class i failed out of. So now instead of a W, it will say F. Dang it. I'm gonna beg the director to fix that seeing she was supposed to call me on that very date to let me know how the "team" were going to react to my complaint. She never called me, so i didn't drop etc. So we'll see. The worst thing that can happen, is that i'll have to request the F to be removed from my records once i pass it next time around.

I've been looking into other RN schools that i MIGHT transfer to once i finish this next semester. I'm seeing if they are also insane crazy stressful. If i can find one less stressful, but still a good school, i might consider changing schools after this next do over. Any ideas anyone for orange county nursing schools that are great yet manageable??? Thanks for everyones support, your e's and comments have kept me afloat.

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