Saturday, August 19, 2006

Buddy Tea? check! So the buddy tea was the last thing we have before starting the program. The greatest surprise for me was that one of my old study buddies was there, she said she missed the orientation because she was delivering her baby that day! So it will be so cool to actually know someone who is going in the same time. The Tea didn't give us any new info, just helped us nervous folk gather to commiserate. It was nice to be able to bring my fam to my school, though they said that I had pretty much told them everything they had heard that day.

I found out that almost everyone had already purchased all their marshmallow-wear. I had been putting it off, ick. Well i guess my denial must end, and i MUST go get the dreaded garments, yuck. Got pic taken for badges, and bought patches for clothes. I need to buy a bunch of beige undies that won't show thru the white. No more hot pink and black thongs for me! darn it. I've already got the shoes from when i was volunteering so that's done. I got most of my books, they didn't have some of them. Got one of the modules put on a spiral, so much easier to deal with than another bloody notebook. Almost threw out my back and have had pain in shoulders for days after carrying all the bloody books. ( I really should've taken two trips, but i didn't want to look like such an old wimp! Newsflash, I am an old wimp!) That got me to the gym yesterday!
The next thing i need to do is change over my "scrap" room into my "study" room. I'm not sure how much I'll really be able to study at home. It's too easy for me to stop and get up for tons of stupid things. In the past I have pretty much had to go elsewhere, Starbucks, library, book store etc. Two days and counting to the first day. A lot of scrapping friends pretty much gave me a farewell and goodluck last night. That was so nice.
SmileyCentral.comI'm just not sure how often i'll be able to go. I'm thinking once a month but we'll see, I definitely just need to take it one day at a time! yes, i am sweatin bullets! I guess i just need to grab one of those babies, and bite down eh? Thanks everyone for your good thoughts, esp. your prayers!
So in the mean time, bend over, here it comes!

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