Friday, November 03, 2006

I love this season

but the studying is killing me. okay well i'm not dead yet, but it's so sad when you start thinking in med jargon.

Ex. "i need to get oob"

I have a flu today, and i tell my kids i'm diaphoretic.

there's more than that but sadly my mind is not working at top speed right now since i feel soo crappy. I have an exam on Monday so i am attempting to study, haha, that's kinda funny when you feel so funky. picture of my flu above....

Hey I passed my second math compet on my second try! Yeah for me! Now I can give oral meds next wk!

this wk oughtta be fun since i will be in the subacute unit. This part of the hospital has long term patients that need more acute care than SNF's. Most pat's are older but it varies. They mainly have some sort of brain damage whether from CVA's or traumas. I think it will be interesting but sad. I will really have to work at keeping some distance so my heart doesn't break.

this last wk, i was in med surg with a gastric bypass pat. she was pretty healthy, so it was a pretty easy day, and interesting. Half of our group gave meds, so i will do that next wk for the first time, that should be fun. then i will hopefully do my med competency later that day. Well that's it for me. Hope you are all well.

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