Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Day from hell....

I'm not a whiner, really, but dang today was a little insane! I decided today would be the day to buy my books right??? Not so easy. First, I got a call from brother asking me to p/u sis at emg. hsp. Now my sister can be quite the hypochondriac so i didn't take it very seriously, but when i got there she was in a pile of pain poor thing. Her ankle was swolen and they couldn't find anything wrong, just another complication of her neural disease, which they can't seem to do much about. I got her home, but she couldn't walk so she bumped up the stairs on her bottom, but then couldn't stand up, so she crawls to her room poor thing. She is very heavy or i could've helped her up. I then went to cypress for books. They were sooo heavy that carrying them out to my car (i'm so silly, i really should've taken 2 trips!) practically knocks my back out! I had wanted to go see the counselor, but had to quit that idea since i was in too much pain to get there. I then stopped to get sis's pills, and stop at brothers 2x, then on to drop off drugs. Sis has to pea but can't walk (even w/walker, cane, etc???) she expects me to carry her... I can't, she's too heavy... so then she's hinting at me getting her a bed pan. NOPE, not gonna do it, wouldn't be prudent. You'd understand if you knew her... she'd be calling me every day with more med. emg's. (did i mention she tends to be a hypocho???) So I said I guess you'll have to crawl to the potty? Don't I sound like a heartless bitch??? I felt like one, but you would have to know her, and how she uses and takes advantage of others. So then I stop for other school supplies and FINALLY get home about 6:30pm!SmileyCentral.com Eeeek what a day. At least my hubby helped out by changing some appts and making dinner for me, what a honey. Thanks for letting me vent..........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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