Thursday, October 09, 2008

I know, I know... where have I been?

studying....studying....studying....Well you get the point. Since that 76, I was a studying maniac or maybe zombie... Anyhoo, the next exam, I got a 62. Yup I wrote it right. Sad eh? I was sooo shocked because I really put in the time. So I'm beyond scared now, and I continue to study, changing some of my previous studying habits to include studying NCLEX questions (in the area of exam). I hope that helps me. If y'all would like to pray for me, I would soooo appreciate it. To say I'm stressed out is putting it too simply.

The good news is that my mom is doing soooo much better, that she is back home. Last I saw her she was smiles and her mind was sooo much clearer. Thank you to those who were praying for me, you all held me together when I felt like I was being torn in 10 different directions. To say I've been a mess is putting it politely! I am looking forward to visiting her tomorrow and to bring her, her belated birthday presents.

My fam is doing just fine thankyouverymuch. Maybe they are living in dust, with unbalanced dinners regularly, but they appear to be surviving just fine.

Okay, I really must go exercise (to lower my stress level and saggy study butt) and get to school. Have a good wk yourself, okay?


Kirsten S said...

Glad to hear your mom is home!

As far as school little is the time you have left!?! I had to laugh at watyou said about unbalanced dinners. The other night, as I was throwing together some Hamburger Helper, I was thinking I should make a veggie. Then I realized I was making cornbread and thought to myself, "Hey, it counts! It's corn!" =)) So wrong! Like you said no one is suffering!

hope2brn said...

It will all be over soon..hopefully!!How are the clinicals going for you. They have been terrible over here. Last semester wasnt this bad! I dont know what happened..Well, we will succeed!
Stay postive!

RN Someday said...

The last semester is a bear. It's never too soon to do NCLEX questions. They are an excellent way to learn and get prepared for the boards. You'll make it - just keep the momentum. I know I should not complain, but, not having to study is WIERD!