Wednesday, November 05, 2008

one wk to gooooooooooo

So, I finished my last clinical...hopefully for life, and it was a nice relaxing day. Started out with four pt's, two went home, and one to surgery. Pretty nice day. My nurse really helped me with trying to stay organized, and to do everything on time. I kind of found out my problem. I am in the pt's room too much. Now, I know that sounds good, but you have to be in/out fast int he morning, to get all the meds done, and early charting. THEN, i can spend more time in there, doing a more full assessment, after the morning rush. That really helped with my time mgt, since that is what really screwed me up. So the day was great, talked with my preceptor and when I begin that (counting on passing the dang class of course first). So that's the update, I think. Ummm, got my first rejection from CHOC. That was dissapointing, but they want some peds experience. Ah well. I will still apply all over the place, we'll see. I need to go study, I've got the ATI test tomorrow. Cya.


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Order & Chaos said...

So, so, so wish I was where you're at...actually I should reserve that wish for tomorrow after you've taken your ATI exam! I take my first on December 2nd. Ugh!

Good luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Heather! Man am I proud of you! I'll keep you in my prayers for ATI.