Friday, November 21, 2008

so I'm back, what's new...

I tend to do everything the slooooooooooooow long way around. Yup, choose the indirect route, that's me. So lucky for you, you will hear more nursing school whining for another semester. I am coming around, and accepting my lot. (it's my lot, it's not a lot, but the lot I got, is myyyy lot, and that says a lot...) wow, was that beautiful or what? But I digressed, or maybe I didn't... didn't I just say, I go the sloooooooooow, long way around??? Wow, deep, I just did that.

So... trying to figure out what the heck to do with tooo much time on my hands. I can write a whole lot of bad blogs... But honestly, here's my brainstorming:

-sitting for my LVN boards and working as a nurse, so I don't lose every skill. (this is an especially good idea if I don't get in the next semester)
-Working as a CNA at CHOC ~ I applied last night, but it doesn't look good, there was only ONE position open.
-selling crack on the corners. Just kidding of course, that market is waaaay inundated.
-working as a student nurse intern ~ though i've been told, because of the economy, there might not be any of those open.
-rocking in a corner. ~ though, that would mean, I'd have to dust them first, and kick out all the spiders who have taken up residency during my study frenzies.

So, if you have any idea's for me, please leave them in the comments for me. For now, I wander aimlessly, waiting for you.

p.s. all kidding aside, I really am very thankful for the following: Time w/daughter during some hard times for her. My boy, who is now a teen and nearly as tall as I am! My dear hubby, who has totally held me together during so many stressful days. Thanks honey for all the dishes, dinner and driving you've done this semester. And I am thankful to God, because I know He holds me in His hands, even when I forget. Happy Thanksgiving all.


JLA said...

Your in my prayers Heather. Good to see you back on the boards with your writing. Perhaps, you could get a job as the nursing communciations director. You got the chops man. Happy Thanksgiving.

Jenny Lanning

Heather said...

oh jenny,how you do go on! No really, go on, tell me more... hee heee :)

andrea said...

Hi Heather, got your comment on my blog and thought I'd leave one on yours. CHOC! We're nearly neighbors; I'm doing my rotation at CHLA and coincidentally just applied for a CNA-type position as well. Good luck!! Whatever happens, they would be lucky to have us :)

andrea said...

PS. My heart danced a little bit when I heard Fred Astaire's Cheek to Cheek on your playlist :)