Wednesday, December 10, 2008

scrappum frustrations...

So I've been working on that Xmas scrapbook and you know what I've found out? As your kids get older ~remember, mine are 13 and almost 17~ you do less Christmas stuff. So I'm taking a picture a day like your 'spose to, and have discovered that my pics are like...the gym, Del taco (tonight), the farm, my daughter home sick, some tupperware of get the point. And as you can see, these really don't lend themselves to looking very "christmasy". Maybe this is a mistake.... um, maybe I shouldn't take a picture every day like you're supposed to, OOOOOOOOOR, I could just cut out some pictures from Martha's magazine and paste it in my little book. At best the book will be a lesson in what not to do. But I've already made the skeleton of the thing, so I will continue and finish dang it. Just don't expect much, I mean really, lower those expectations...

Well we have decorated our tree and house, so there have been that, but um.... that's about it. Most of the shopping is done, all I need to do is wrap. OOoooooh that'll be a good one eh? And I still need to some Christmas baking...there's another one, yipee.

I met w/dean of nsg, but didn't find out much more, other than we'll find out if we're back in, in January. So I will enjoy my time off in the meantime. The graduation for my class is Friday, and I'd like to see everyone and the slide show, but I have reserved the right to chicken out at the last minute. I don't know if I can actually handle it.

So what's new with you?

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