Tuesday, November 25, 2008

love, Love, LOVED...

Twilight. I know I know, I'm not a teenager, but it was sooo good. Of course you have to know that I am a romance book eater. Honestly I can read 3 a wk if i let myself, which I DON'T! So, no one my age really wanted to see it, but the more previews I saw, the more I HAD to go. So today, I went all by my bigself! It was wonderful, in fact, as it ended, I thought... I want to see it again. But I showed self restraint and went home. I am a sucker for gothic romance, so this was yummy. Although "Edward" was not as beautiful as my teenager said. Aaaaaaaaaaand he was too teenagery. But that being said, he played the "hurting, deeply misunderstood" character perfectly, even if he was pasty looking.

You can see what my life has become... directionless, unmotivated, vampire movie loving groupie.

In other news, I made some Thanksgiving cards, and organized my desk (which was a massive pile of papers, books, care plans etc). I signed up for an ACLS class, applied for a CNA job at CHOC, did some cleaning..GASP!, made some appts with teachers, nursing director, and for kids. Well, that's about it for now. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

P.S. Is it just me, or does that pie-bearing grandmother look like Ernest Borgnine in drag?


JLA said...

Glad you saw the movie all by your bigself. It's cool that you saw and liked the movie. You and Holly Reid need to be Facebook friends, if you aren't already. She called Twilight the best movie ever.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Prisca said...

I love Twilight as well! *sigh*