Thursday, December 04, 2008

so far..

A quick picture of our home on christmas last year. No really, it is. Shut up, I'm not lieing. Alright, I photoshopped in the tree on the left, but that's it.
Never mind, moving along....
just thought I'd share how far I've come on my album... worked all day yesterday on it... okay, so this isn't actually myyyy mess, I googled it. But I did make quite the mess, but here's some actual scrap pics... you might wanna laugh at. (you have to click on it, to see what is written I think)

But honestly though, here's a pic of myself, Brenda and Cheri scrapping our little hearts out yesterday. My hubby kept letting me extend my time until I was there from 12 noon until 10pm! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh it's good to be out of school!

Although I am DIEING to dig right back in today, I WILL NOT. There, I put it in caps, so I can't go back on it. Since I wasn't very domestic yesterday, today I am paying penance by making some Cockie Leeky Soup, and no, I'm not kidding, check out the recipe. I changed my mind on the potato leek soup, bc i am just not in the mood for a creamy soup. And, I think I might even clean a little. Yup, just a little, I don't want to go too far for pity sakes. Although I have been just goofing around on the computer until oh... noon. Shame on me, I'm gonna go, so I can at least have the appearance of getting something accomplished. I hope you are having a lovely Thursday.


Order & Chaos said...

You're too funny!

And that was me tearing up from that email you sent!

maggie said...

Wow! So much fun you had.
I feel like joining you.
I heared about Scrap making but
I really don't know how.
Looks really fun to do.
I love your selection of music,too.
I bought the same Amy Grant CD long time back and I play every Christmas.
So nice to know the people like you to share the same taste as mine!