Monday, November 17, 2008

Crazy 8's

How long has it been that i've written a blog without the words: nursing, school, study, exam, tired, etc..? Exactly. Well since I am at present, unemployed, unschooled (?, well I'm on a bloody school break until Feb. for pity sake) So, anywho, here's a blog just for fun:

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch: (i don't have 8, so i'll give you what I do have..)
1. Fringe
2. Bones
3. 30 Rock
ummm, that's it. Pathetic aint i? Well heck, I never got to watch TV, I was studying!

8 Favorite Restaurants: (NOT in any particular order)
1. Mimi's
2. Marie Callendars
3. Macoroni grill
4. Any ocean side fish grill
yup, that's all i've got.

8 Things that Happened Today: (but since it's too early today for anything to have happened, I'll do yesterday)
1. I went to church.
2. Our family visited my mom... very hard, but I'm glad we did.
3. Went "thrifting" w/ daughter, had some great talking time.
4. Made amaaazing shrimp pasta, sooooooooo good and fast. I do believe it will become a regular on fam menu. Do you know how unusual it is to find something my boy will actually like AND eat, and praise?? He is sooo danged picky. I know, I know I am digressing.
5. Ate said amazing good.
6. Watched 30 Rock w/ hubby
7. showered... yup, it's sunday, whether I need it or not.
8. talked with daughter until after 11. Hard times, but good convo.

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Finishing school!
2. Vacation
3. cleaning house (I know, weird hah?)
4. Making some new recipes
5. getting together with non-nursing friends... I miss them!
6. getting a paycheck
7. taking a class just for fun
8. getting in better shape.

8 Things on My Wishlist:
1. a belly that doesn't look like an 8 on it's side.
2. world,.......... learn how to use my new camera
3. PhotoShop
4. new couches
5. some pants that I don't have to safety pin
6. my kids to choose friends wisely
7. grad from nsg school
8. how best to use my time before I head back to school.

Thanks for sharing Kirsten!


Kirsten S said...

Anytime girl! Now I better go study-break time over! Dang blog obsession!

JLA said...

Heather, You are a great writer and a fabulous nurse-to-be-very-soon. You've done me proud.

Jenny Lanning

Katie said...

Heather! If you don't have a Costco membership go find a friend that does. They have Photoshop Elements right now for $79.99 and a coupon for $30.00 off (you can ask for it at the membership desk if you don't get on in the mail. But it's only for a limited time so hurry. I got mine yesterday (Merry Christmas to me!) and am so excited. I was hesitant to get Elements and was planning to get the "real thing" that costs a lot more but I talked to a few friends who are graphic designers and/or photographers and they all said elements would be more than enough. Then you can cross something off your wish list... how fun would that be?

JLA said...

Love, luv. Your the Blog Queen, hands down.