Monday, December 15, 2008

rubber face...

Yep, that's how it feels. Got a crown done today at the dentist. I am talking funny, and I feel like my tongue is 5 inches thick. Don't you just hate that feeling?? And I guess it's justice that I LOOOOOVE to give shots, but I'm a big ole baby when I get them.

About graduation? That day is passed, and I am feeling better. Lucky for us (those of us who didn't pass) it's the holiday season with lots to do, see and have fun with.

Today I am planning on a bake day. I like to make baked treats to give as some of my gifts. Here's what my semi-plan is:

Whoopee Pies (from a cookbook at home; America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook).

Or if you have any ideas concerning packable "salty" or "savory" ideas, I couldn't think of anything else.


Order & Chaos said...

hope you're feeeling not-so-rubbery now!

Robert said...

Rubber face is the worst!

How about peanut brittle for something a little salty and sweet?

Candice Carpenter said...

when are we going to scrap again??!