Thursday, October 16, 2008

got it...finally

Well I have to first say, thank you God I passed. I am though... not thrilled with my grade. I got a 78% on my Neuro exam. I am still below the 75% I need in the class. So, I will continue to sweat. And maybe that's good for me, to keep me honest, and on my toes etc. But I DO NOT LIKE IT.

But hey, I am moving on, and beginning to study Oxygenation and Emergency medicine. And on that note, our teacher had HORRID pics on our power points. Ick. I am soooo NOT an ER nurse. hurl. On the other hand, I have been in the ICU for the last 3 weeks, and I love it. There is even possibly an opening in ICU for preceptoring. Sadly, though I don't think I have a chance for it, since they will only choose one person, and they have to be able to work independently, which I really don't think I can. But I reeeeeeeeeealy like it, and might want to do it later, after I get some practice.

So that's it for now. Thanks for your prayers, they really do help, and I feel them holding me up.

How's your week going???
P.S. Thanks Kirsten, for letting me still that little pic up there, hee hee. (like you had a choice!)


Order & Chaos said...

No probs!!!

Keep your chin up and you will succeed! May the force be with you! That would be a residual Star Warsism from my youngest's days as a fan.

Ever feel like your gray matter has gone translucent?

Anonymous said...

You can do it Heather! Praying for you as always. I'm #1 on entry list now, so hopefully this coming Spring . . . :)

Order & Chaos said...

I got your long message, no worries! Thanks for the website, will have to check it out later, when I'm a little more awake!

Yep, my hair's thinning in the front. It sucks, because I didn't have thick air to begin with!

hope2brn said...

Oh 78 sounds good to me..But I can relate. We have our test on the 27th. I hope and pray that I will get a good grade. I am going to study like a wild woman. I am in ICU also it is great. Everyone seems to really like it. Dont doubt yourself. You probably have more of a chance then you think.
Best wishes!!