Friday, November 07, 2008

my last ATI test.............CHECK!

This is where you will often find me at SAC. I live in the cubbee's or study cage or whatever the heck they're called at their library. This is a class friend, Rosa. She is super duper supportive!

So, I hope to heck this is theee last time I will ever see an ATI test. It was a booger! I did not do great, but, from what I hear, only 2 people passed it that we know of. So heck, maybe my 69% isn't so bad afterall! I'll have to remediate, which is not a big deal at all, just time consuming. I will need a 78.9% on final to pass. No, not 79%! Yes it does matter, dang it! Okay, so my stress level is running a tad high. I am finished with clinicals, so really I have plenty of time to review, but dang! there's a lot to review. But I am up to the task. I hope you enjoy my clinical pics, I've been happily taking lots of pics since i bought a really small camera that I can throw in my pocket or purse. That's all for now, enjoy! And good luck to you, whatever you're up to!


Robert said...

I like pictures!

Congrats on your exam! I once took a Biochem exam that I studied my tail off for-- and scored a 73 on--not what I was used to scoring if I applied myself. But then I found out that someone scored a 22%, and my 73 was the 2nd highest grade in the class. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

I think I know your friend Rosa. I'm sure she was at the nurses Christian Fellowship meeting. :)

hope2brn said...

I love the music on your blog!!
I am sooo Jealous. I have 4 more weeks of clinical and 3 more tests
Including the final.My average is a whopping 68.5... I feel your pain..Good luck and keep us posted