Wednesday, October 29, 2008

last exam before final..........Check!

So I got an 82, so I am slooooooooooowly creeping back up. Someone told me I will need a 79 on the final! Egad, can you feel my stress!!!? I need to study for the final, which is THIS BIG (this is just the notes!) So this will be brief, must hit books...and buy some eggs and bread. bye!


Kirsten S said...

Hey Heather! Yep, Now I have a victim to gross out! It's really kind of funny because his personality is a little more attuned to gross kind of stuff-he should've loved the whole rectal thing. Maybe it's cuz it was unexpected.

Good luck studying! When are your finals?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the 82! You're on a roll, Heather. Go with it. And have a happy Halloween.

Kirsten S said...

It's funny you say I helped, as far as them winning. I told my husband the same thing. It wasn't until this year that I became enthralled with them. So it has to be me right? I'm their lucky charm!!! =D Now they should all show up on my door step and give me a big hug! OK, so I'm's creating a diversion.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Bye! Well hello..then bye :) Good luck :) Prayers for your mom!

kayla said...

very nice blog, i will be back, best wishes.

kayla said...

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