Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday before Christmas

So...the last few days I've been mixing, cooking and finally yesterday baking. I LOVED the lemon cookies, and the whoopie pies..... were o....kaaay, (they are the chocolatey looking ones in the plastic wrap) but a way bit toooo sweet for me. On the other hand, those folks that LOVE sweets, went on and on about them, and how amazing they were. Of course I say that with all humility. My platter, trays, gifts came out darned cute if I do say so myself, as you can see here.

Got together for family gift exchange last night at my Auntie's. It was nice to see everyone. Some of these folks I only see once or twice a year, so that was nice. I'm always shocked at the little ones who sooo drastically change in one years time. And it's always nice to hear about new romances that have popped up, and sad to hear about a very possible break up of my niecey and long term boyfriend father of their child. (man it would be sooo much easier to just say hubby, but they aren't married...)

The hard part of the evening was explaining many times over, that NOOOOOOOOO I'm not a nurse yet, nooooooooooooo, i'm stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill not done with nursing school, yeeeeeeeeeeees, I failed and must repeat. So danged embarrassing, and humbling. Ah well, whatcha gonna do. They were all very nice and understanding, and hopeful for June. Dang I hope I get back in...

So I am not thrilled with this camera in which you see these pics. My daughter bought one less expensive with seemingly better outcomes. I am thinking of returning, though I've had it quite a while. And it got scratched up in my purse due to a file floating around with it. I wonder if Costco would take a return after over a month??? Just thinkin'. What do you think of these pics?

Well I do pray that ya'all are having a lovely Christmas season. That you are not toooo harried, and that you are eating something good and fattening. Other than that, praise God for sending Himself to this very imperfect world to save us VERY imperfect people. Merry Christmas.


Drofen said...

Very crafty!!

I know just the feeling Heather. I get questions all the time--"How's the practice doc?" Ugh. It sucks having to relive your failures time and time again.

Prisca said...

Wow, you are doing so much this year in terms of baking! It looks delish...

I know what you mean about having to explain the nursing school thing. It took me 5 years to get an associate degree and no one quite got what took me so long. Hang in there, kid! :)

KLS said...

Love the gift ensembles!!! Very creative!

I need to get started on all that fattening kind of stuff!

And thanks for the compliments ont he girls! Wink, wink! OH, the surgery is covered by some insurances based on medical necessity. If you have the classic problems, such as back pain, skin breakdown (under), and the dents in the shoulders you just might have a case!

Katie said...

I'm SO wishing I was your neighbor right now... those treats look so cute. I'm gonna start calling you Martha! BTW- you can return electronics at Costco for 90 days! I'd take the camera back if you don't like the pics.