Wednesday, March 25, 2009

st patty's pics..

I just wanted to show you proof of the lil' leprechauns hitting the day after St Patty's.
They left my daughters room "greened"
since she was coming home late after school. She had to discover her "gold" there. Bryce had to discover his "gold" where all the furniture was.
Yes the furniture was piled, toilets and milk were green. We all had a lovely time. And Yes, I gave the little jacket back!

And there's the corned beef & veggies. Well...the veggies were good. (the boys of our family LOVED the corned beef. Go figure.)
And THAT is how an Irish American does St. Patty's day. (No green beer, can't stand the smell or taste of it!)

And here, just some lovely memories...yes I said MEMORIES from my concept map hell. LAST one...did I mention that??? Okay, I thought I did.
And I forgot to post this pic in January, and it was on the same roll. These lovely ladies are my scrapping buddies. We scrap nearly every Friday night, so I keep my sanity. Of course, I am the one in maroon, or is it fuchsia? The cupcakes that Lupe brought were great fun. If you had a red one, it would dye your lips and teeth for days! And of course she had one 'cuz she didn't know. (she's on my right, making SURE not to show her red teeth, dang it.)


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!! I love what you did for St. Patrick's day.. the green milk, the green toilet water lol.. I am doing that next year!

Cheri said...

GOOD LUCK on your tests. See you back at scrappin' soon. You are missed. Cheri

hope2brn said...

Heather!! Love the leprechaun thing..Might steal it. How many more weeks? Good luck!!
Oh by the way..
I got the books
Running with scissors and Possible Side effects by Augusten Burroughs.
Very unsettling and funny..Let me know if you want to read them. Lots of crazy people out there...