Thursday, March 12, 2009

St. Patty's Day is coming...

so dance a jig!


studentrntiffany said...

Im not a big patty's day lover, and not because of the logical reason. Im Irish, proud of it! But I hate corned beef and cabage. Just thinking about it makes me gag.

SO what do you make for dinner on St Pattys day?

Heather said...

that is sooo funny that you mention it. I was just fighting w/hubby over it bc he ALREADY bought it. Ewww GAG is soooo right! I had planned on making irish stew, lamb stew or beef brisket. All very irishy. The only prob is that st patty's happens to fall on my clinical day, and i'm at the hospital until 730pm!! So we'll do it the next day probably. Hey, P.S. I never know whether i'm supposed to respond here on my blog, or over on yours. Do you know??? I mean really, what is the PROTOCOL?

I LOVE st. pattys day. I'll put some pics up of past st pattys day at my house, bc the leprechauns terrorize us. hee hee

ann said...

How can you not love love love corned beef! I LOVE corned beef and cabbage! If it is made like a stew, not in thin slices (ewww).

I'll take the beef brisket too. YUM!

PS - did i mention I love corned beef? :)