Monday, March 23, 2009

Je suis fini!

at least with the bloody map. Ugh. And all the while....knowing that my teacher will still see it as a piece of crap. Oh well. I will do linking lines and circle some stuff on a form tomorrow. But the biggest mess is done! Yahoo. Time to partay...where is everyone? Hmph, 12:16 and everyone's in bed?? Ah well, I guess I'll follow. 6 wks left. Or even better, 5 wks 4 days!

And some of my non-nursing friends have NOOO idea what the heck a concept map is, so here's a pic. They are horrible, and take FOREVER to make. For you nursing'll notice I haven't done my connecting lines. I will do those today.


studentrntiffany said...

You are soooooo close!! I cant believe it!

I keep repeating to myself....I will be there oneday, I will.

Congrats on finishing the last concept map. Mine always come back murdered with the red ink pen, so I know how you feel!

Tiffany said...

I tagged you in a Nursing post! Stop by and see my challenge!

Anonymous said...

We didn't have to do those in nursing school.. just care plans.. unless that is basically the same thing. Congrats on finishing!!!!

Heather said...

hmmmmn...Lori, how can I's like a care plan on steroids. I've done both. The concept map has a LOT you add. Hate, Hate HATE them!