Saturday, March 21, 2009

LAST concept map

i am sooo danged sick of these. So far, I've been working on this bloody piece of art for oh @ 12 hours! (mind you, I do interrupt myself quite a bit here and there!) So I've gotten all of it done but the worst part of it the nsg dx/goal nsg interventions/rationales. Ick. Hope you are having a more funererer wknd than I am. Bah. Even my Twilight didn't show up! Urgh. It's just as well, it might've pulled me from this blasted computer.

urgh. My brain hurts.


Tiffany said...

Im jealous in ways you cannot imagine! I despise concept mapping and all that they entail!

Congrats! You are welcome to be my nurse any day!!

ann said...

making a concept map = mega poo

Ann :)