Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Moving St. Patty's to today. So what.

So... Monday was the killer cardiac exam that I have been sooo stressed about, then we started on renal. Oh so much more comfortable than that dang preloadafterloadsanodemitralvalvetearthirddegreeblockwithpvcheart... ugh. I am still waiting for results. It was a frightening exam. I also turned in that first bloody map with all the fixes, and will begin the second, LAST map today. before, I need to head BACK to the hospital for missing info. I tried to get it yesterday at clinicals, but never had the time. Ah well.

I was told by my CI that my next map better be "stellar", so stellar it will be. crap.

In other news, we totally ignored/skipped st patty's day yesterday since I had clinicals, so the leprechauns will come today. I left a letter explaining to my kids (14 & 17 yo) that since I was up so early for clinicals that I had run into them (the leprechauns silly), and they were so mad that I saw them, that they were leaving in a huff without "the goods", but luckily as they were leaving I grabbed one of them, and got his little green jacket. I told him if he wanted it back, they'd have to come back today for it. They agreed, but said they would be double trouble! So... they are indeed coming today. I'll put up some pics tomorrow.

That's it for me now. Sorry I haven't been visiting. You know how crazy it is. But read some fast blips about Tiffany running. Egad, you stud! How did you start at such a high mileage? I keep thinking I want to get a running coach bc when I have attempted it, I am in such horrible pain during and after that I quit. I start at small amounts, but I just hate it. But I do believe it's the fastest way to get in shape. Do tell your secret, you stud you. I'll hit the gym today, just to feel better though. hmph.

Have a good day all.


hope2brn said...

HEATHER!!I am sure you did fine on that test. What is it now 6 more weeks? Its gonna fly by! Good luck.

Heather said...

yeah, not that I'm counting or anything.... but 6 wks exactly. Of course I'm not counting spring break.

and yeah I passed the bloody cardiac test, so scoooting along am I

12 weeks at a time said...

Are you on spring break soon? Just keep focused on that! I'm so NOT looking forward to that section. In a way I am exited to learn about it all, just intimidated by the tests! I should find out soon if I got the cardiac tech job I interviewed for recently. That might help me to remember it all!