Wednesday, April 09, 2008


first, a few pics of the Gaylord where I stayed for the convention a wk and a half ago.

I'm on break this wk, so I am sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepin in! Yeehaw! I did work yesterday for part of my service hours at the MHA, the mental health association shelter. I had a great day, with a fellow classmate is so wonderful, we had fun, and saw a lot of patients. And I did my first accucheck correctly! I know, i know, a third semester student doing her first accu, it's a long story why, and i must say not very interesting, so i won't bore you. None the less it was fun. Somethings wrong w/me, I love poking a needle into people! Sick i know! I got to give some shots last wk, and a couple IV attempts, and just love the way it feels to put that needle in! okay, i'm scaring you now so i'll stop! hee hee

Our family did take a little trip to palm springs area hot springs camping. It was very relaxing, I loved every minute of it. Even with the VERY WINDY gusts that just about knocked our trailor over! it was still lots of fun.

I am also studying this break, of course, because i will have a big mother of a test next thursday. But don't worry, i'm still having fun, i will do a 12 hr crop on saturday. I feel a little guilty, but i will study before and after, honest injun.

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Katie said...

Heather! I can't believe I just found your blog..well I found Candices blog and she had a link to you. Remember me? Katie're long lost scrapping buddy! I miss you all sooo much. I still haven't found a group like all of you ... and I moved almost 3 years ago! Anyway, I'm glad you blog so I can check up on you....cheeck out mine Love you and miss you tons! Say hi to everyone!