Monday, March 03, 2008

just a little funny thing....

Wacky Medical Terminology!

Artery: The study of paintings

Bacteria: Back door to the cafeteria

Barium: What you do when CPR fails

Bowel: A letter like A, E, I, O and U

Caesarian Section: A neighborhood near Rome

Cat Scan: Searching for Kitty

Cat Scan: What dogs do when they enter your yard

Colic: A Sheep Dog

Coma: A punctuation mark

Congenital: Friendly

D & C: Where Washington is located

Dilate: To live long

Enema: Not a friend

GI Series: Baseball with teams of soldiers

Grippe: A suitcase

Hangnail: A coat hook

Impotent: Distinguished, well known

Labor pain: Getting hurt at work

Medical Staff: A doctor’s cane

Morbid: A higher offer

Nitrate: Cheaper than the day rate

Node: Was aware of

Outpatient: A patient who has fainted

Pelvis: Cousin of Elvis

Post-Operative: A letter carrier

Protein: In favor

Recovery Room: Where you have your upholstery done

Rectum: Darn near killed him

Rheumatic Fever: Amorous feeling

Secretion: Hiding anything

Seizure: A Roman Emperor

Tablet: A small table

Termination Illness: Sick at the airport

Tibia: North African Country

Tumor: An extra pair

Urine: Opposite of you’re out!

Varicose Veins Veins which are very close together


Crystal said...

Those are pretty funny! Where ever did you find them? Maybe I just missed that in your post?

Nursapalooza said...

our teacher this semester is such a hoot, she put them in "assignments" on blackboard. I thought it was kinda cute.