Monday, March 10, 2008

first sunday

wow it was sooo odd working at the hospital yesterday. I kept thinking it was tuesday, but then we'd step outside, and there was this wonderful quietness. I never noticed before how sunday feels, but it was amazing. Everything went smoothly, but then i started getting the feeling that one of the pts was getting a little too sweet on me. It's my fault, i kept hanging out at his puzzle. He was the only one around during the groups. He is mostly deaf and swedish, so has a really hard time understanding almost any english so he didn't go to groups. Well after i noticed that i kept away, and he seemed to get the pt. Don't worry he wasn't dangerous. He had been in for depression, so he was just a tad needy.

Tomorrow is our last psych day. I guess that's good and bad. Good because the days would go by soooooooooo slowly. Bad because we are headed back to med/surg which is soooo challenging for me to stay organized and on top of everything. Still, at least the 12 hr days zoom by. We will have a new CI, so that makes me a little nervous. But everyone has said she's a total honey, so i am trying not to freak. Psych was interesting, and I think i have a natural affinity for it, but i think it would be a lot like when i was teaching, a little too stressful in the "danger" area. I just don't think i want that. Aaaaand it's just a little too not physical for me since i have ants in my pants all the time.

On the personal front, I bought a new toy on ebay that i CANNOT wait to get. (see pic!) It cuts out any words that you print out from your computer. It was pricey, but i have been chewing on the idea for quite a while. For those of you who don't scrapbook, I use it to label my scrapbooking pages, you know titles etc. It can also cut out designs that you have on your puter as well. I have found some corners and swirls as well as some cool fonts on dafont all for free. Can't wait to play with it. I'm such a gadget sucker.

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