Monday, February 25, 2008

three weeks...DONE

not that i'm counting or anything, but um... okay i guess i am.
I know this painting seems a little disturbing, but I think it was great in how the artist, a schizophrenic seemed to be able to capsulize her feelings of the balance of looking normal on the outside but sick on the inside. She was finally able to find a medication that helped her, but the side effects were not great. She felt the side effects worth it to feel sane again. I have found these people so courageous, and scared too. It's been really interesting and touching.

Feb. 19: We had our third day there, and our first full 12 hours so I got to really get to know one of the pt's. The only thing i didn't like is that time goes pretty dang slow, with so much little physical movemnt. We also, don't do any of the charting. Thankfully our CI seems to know this and breaks up our day quite a bit with meeting or breaks. My prob w/psych is that i can relate a little too much. I know you're thinking haha. but my history of post partum depressn, really helps me to understand their pain. I guess I feel fairly certain that this is NOT the area for me, but i keep praying..."God, where do you want me?" so i won't shut ANY door completely.

Mar. 2..........another wk down, whoo hoo. too busy to write, must study for first exam on thur. And my boy's bday party. i'll check back soon, honest.

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Crystal said...

Psych was so not the place for me. I don't remember if I posted about my psych experience at our state hospital. I literally had a panic attack when they tried to make me go into group sessions. Thankfully, I was excused from that portion and was allowed to calm myself down. I'll have to peruse my site to see if I posted about it. Lots of fun! Hang in there!