Tuesday, March 30, 2010

almost Easter

and i'm going to be working. You know when you want to be a nurse that it's going to happen. Missing family holidays. Dang, it is harder than I thought it would be. Well, luckily, someone is organizing a big Easter potluck for all of us working. I am bringing a dessert. What should I bring?

Work has been tough, and I have been struggling. I have asked for the optional extra preceptor days and got them, so I have 2 extra wks to get myself more efficient. I am absolutely LOVING my patients, and the nursing process,

The charge nurses are great, and so encouraging and the preceptors have been so patient with me and my fumblings.

The kids and hubby are doing well, getting used to my new schedule as well. The boy is unicycling like crazy. The other day, he went 8 miles! The daughter is working a lot and being trained as a lead hostess. She loves her job, and has senioritis. She will graduate in just 2 months! Hubby is still riding every Saturday, and loves it.

That's it for now, nothing new to report. How are you? What are you doing on Easter??


12 weeks at a time said...

I'm glad you got the two extra weeks that you wanted, I know I'll be nervous about being on my own also. Have a great easter evan though you're working!

Anonymous said...

Thats one thing about working that always made me get grumpy. When you are the newbie, you always end up working all the holidays.

Im glad things are starting to work out. Keep your chin up! I would still love for you to be my nurse!

KLS said...

I still can't believe it's Easter time! I have no idea what we're doing!

Keep swimming!

Just Sweet Love said...

Bring a pie! I'm in the mood for pie!!

I'm glad things are starting to play into place with your schedule and everything! Hope your Easter is amazing! xxo