Monday, March 15, 2010

Are you kidding??!

I thought it so funny that everyone that responded thought I was doing so well! Boy are you all wrong! I swear, I looked more "together" as a student! I am sinking! Help!!! That being said, I thank you all for supporting me. And...I know...every new nurse has told me, that they are feeling/doing the same as I. As I mentioned before, still DIEING.


Deanna Bland Hiott PhD, MSN, RN said...

Hey, girl, I have enjoyed your posts. Please hang in there! Do not judge yourself before six months! We need good nurses and I know they are thrilled to have you. Best wishes :)

Just Sweet Love said...

Hi Heather, I'm not sure whether I should say congrats [on the job since it's been forever since we last talked] or write a sad face because I don't like that you're sinking.. But sending good juju your way!! I heart you!

onefasfilly said...

Reading your comments how over whelming being a new RN can be brought back lots of memories. Girl it will get better. Hang in there. God Bless! Keeping you in my prayers

chinadolldiaries said...

Stay strong!
You are the best you believe you can be
By the way, cute picture.
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Theo, Becky & Zachary said...

Hi there, I know that this is a random message; I hope that you don't mind.
I saw your message on the nursing thread about the NCLEX exam.
I was wondering if you would send me the study tips/plan that you offered.
Thank you so much. My email is