Monday, January 04, 2010

Welcome a new P.S.

..and just let me say, it is so much easier saying twenty-ten, than two thousand and nine. Don't cha think? I never could get into the "ots", could you?
Well last you heard from me, I was crying in my non-existent beer. So what's happening these days? Of course the job hunt continues. In the mean time, I will be starting a new Home Health assignment that I am thankful for, with a little 16 mo old child with a genetic disorder. He is a beautiful baby, and I look forward to it. I have also applied to another "new-grad" nursing job. On the recording he said that if we didn't get a call it was because he was expecting around 1000 calls for these jobs. Geez, worst than cheerleading try outs in high school! But of course I applied, I like the challenge! heeeheee.

Our Christmas was a relaxed holiday for us. We stayed home and had a great day. The kids and hubby's vacay has ended, and they've gone back to school today. ahhhhh... :)

Here's a little painting I tried. It didn't scan very well though. The writing was much less noticeable in the painting. I liked how it turned out.

Went and visited my mom a few times. It kills me each time. She is so lost, and often crying out with some kind of phantom pain that we can't locate or help her with. It is so sad. Lord, hear my prayer. All your prayers are so appreciated.

My birthday is Saturday, yay. And my daughters is as well, of course. She will be turning 18! I cannot believe it. I am in total denial! And of course...those of you who have older teens...she believes on and after that "magical" day, that there are no longer any rules for her, she can do anything her little heart desires. We have been attempting to disabuse her of these lofty ideas, so she doesn't come home with frightening tattoo's and piercings, and a biker man named "Sweetums". I do believe we have some new battles coming our way. Although...honestly she's a good girl and really is seeking God daily. (but she is still battling us for the above...)

My boy is doing well, though some of his grades have dipped because of his skipping homework that doesn't interest him (poor thing), and not studying for exams ("they're easy, I don't need to!") so we are trying to "motivate" him by removing computers, etc.

That's it for now. My watercolors class ended before Christmas, and I've signed up for drawing, since I really feel like I was missing a good understanding of seeing/drawing depth, perception etc. But it doesn't start until February, so I'll work on my watercolors in the meantime. It is still ever so fun.
Have a great wintery day.
P.S. THIS JUST IN....I got a call today.... I just found out I got an interview for that new grad position, Whoooo Hoooo! Pray for me, it's on the 12th!


Order & Chaos said...

I soooo can't wait to take classes JUST for the fun of it!!!

And what's up with our boys (my youngest)thinking they can "relax" about school.

SummerAnytime said...

Oh, I'm crosing my fingers and saying a prayer that you get that position! It seems new grad positions are getting harder and harder to find nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the interview!!!! My oldest turned 18 this past August and if I had a dollar for every time I have heard "but I am 18 now"... even though you are 18 and legal you still live in "my" home and you will follow my rules!!! This a constant struggle here. I do like being able to say "if you don't like it then move out".. that shuts him up immediately lol....