Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pics of August

Hi Uncle Tim! Well I just found out my hubby's brother, my BIL reads this blog, to hear what's going on here (he lives in Maryland), and sadly, I am generally talking about myself! So! I wanted him to see what my man's been doing. He's keeping alive, the tradition in my family of giving your 18 yr old daughter a Hope chest/Cedar chest. It is beautiful, and he whipped that baby out in about a week.

Mammoth Lake
We also went to Bodie ghost town that was fun, on the way to the Mammoth area.
And we visited the beach of course, and frolicked there. Well Uncle Tim, I think that brings you up to speed! How are you? Do you have a facebook yet? Look us up, we all have one!

And of course hello to everyone else. I continue to job search. I have an ap in for about 15 or so jobs. My next step, other than watching and applying on line is to start job drop by's. I will first call, said drop bys to get names of recruiters before I go, so I at least APPEAR organized or semi professional. I have to tell you my mood swings have been monumental. My poor family. I HATE being in this "waiting-room". I hate not having my plans all lined up! All of the new grad programs will open in Oct-Dec. Yeah, you know 10 positions with 300 aps. Dreadful. But I will JUMP into the fray with Gusto! Or maybe just gusto.
To cheer myself up, I've signed up for a french or art class. "Or" because I am on a waitlist for them. Whichever one I can get in, I'll nab. My first choice of course would be French. I know, I know, Spanish would be more logical, but this is to cheer me, and that would do it, French or Art. I have to have something to look forward to, because the job hunt is just dreadful.
My mom has gone back into the hospital with some intestinal probs, so all prayers are really truly appreciated, thanks. I am on my way there now with a heavy heart.
Have a good weekend y'all. Let me know how the semester is for you who have jumped back into nursing school. What will you be clinicaling in? Yes, I just made up that word, and I think it's lovely. Clinicaling, or even shorter...clinicing. Yeah, I did it.


LivingDeadNurse said...

my nieces all got one for graduation. I always wanted one.

Order & Chaos said...

go check out my blog, for your award!

Anonymous said...

I gave you an award because I think you rock!!

Come to my blog to claim it!!