Saturday, August 22, 2009


yup, a big fat zero so far in the job market. I keep hearing, "we are not hiring new grads", or the "new job feeding frenzy will begin in Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan where we will have 10 positions open for 600 applications". Well...not those EXACT words, but close enough. The job fair on Tues wasn't very helpful, but the Thur interviews (mass) was a bit more encouraging with a recruiter promising to pass my resume on to someone who was hiring. Nothing may happen with it, but it was nice to talk to someone face to face instead of miles of tapppppping on the bloody keyboard aps.

My kids have a week more to enjoy/relax before heading back to school, so they are determinedly playing hard. The hubby as well, is cycling every day, enjoying his freedom before work hits. He will have 2 classes of journalism this year. The first time in 22 yrs that he will get to teach something that is not strictly "English". I am so happy that he got it, he really needs the encouragement.

We went to the beach one day this wk. Always hard for me to pull myself away from home when I have this cloud hanging over my head of "joblessness". But once I was there, I sooo enjoyed it. It was cloudy, cool and breezy at first (which is how I love the beach), then warmed up. Perfect.
Watched "Lost in Austen" on DVD. Pretty clever even if it was a bit long. Loved all the twists, and character changes. Fun, for us Pride & Prej. fans.

Well...that's it for me, hope you are having a lovely wknd, and a great week.


Anonymous said...

I am right there with you and I am on the other side of the country! I have come to the conclusion that I have lost my job and there are not any part/full time positions right now. I keep applying for in hospital jobs but like you said I am probably one of MANY and have not got any bites yet. Even the nursing homes around me are not hiring!

I have been a nurse for 12 years and have never seen it like this so I keep telling myself that it has to get better soon. I am trying not to get down and keep telling myself that flu season is coming so they will need more nurses and the big one is that if you got hired now you would be working the holidays... at least if we get something "after" Dec. 25 we are clear for a year!!!!

Hang in there and keep putting those apps out!!!

Christine said...

I Love that movie! Well I actually thought it was pretty cute!

Nursapalooza! said...

how'd you lose your job lorie??? what happened?? what a drag. Though, I agree with you, jobs will pick up as people start getting jobs again. though if we get social medicine, ya got to think we're gonna get paid a LOT less! eeek

Anonymous said...

I have been working PRN at local hospitals for 8 years. I have been at this hospital for 4 1/2 yrs and starting this summer they are phasing out prn workers. We use to get cycled in with regular employees for low census, on call and floating to other departments but they decided to save money and we are first to be canceled now. I have not really worked since first week of June. I went in 2 Sundays in a row beginning Aug. but it was to do 4 hrs in infusion center and then relieve 2 nurses for lunch then leave by 2pm.

Our hospital is also fully staffed right now and patient census has been low. I have checked into the nursing homes too and they aren't hiring. The next decent hospital is a 45 minute drive. I am going to give it through the holidays and see if things pick up and if not then I am going to have to look elsewhere!

LivingDeadNurse said...

sorry for the job hunting woes. i hope the economy picks up. i think that all professions are struggling. It doesn't help the new grads when everyone is being told go into nursing you'll definately find a job. So being overrunned by grads doesn't help. Good luck

and i think i will watch that movie thanks