Friday, April 24, 2009

TWO weeks to go!!

(for classes to end, not graduation..)
The Pinning ceremony is getting closer.... (it's kind of a haunted-nurse look, don't cha think? Like maybe, she's a zombie or something.)

Finished my last regular exam on Thursday, wow what a relief. It was one hard mother, but I think I did okay. Haven't gotten results yet. Got an ATI next week, then the Final the following... and then I am ALLLLL done with classes!! YAY! Of course I'm not completely done until after the preceptoring. That's why you see the box with "days left until pinning" being different. I'm going to totally goof off today, and maybe go to a gigantic garage sale tomorrow, but then, it's back to the books. The Final is a killer. Believe me I know. Been there, D'd that.

In other news, my daughter is soooo excited. She got asked to her first prom. I thought this dress might be nice. What do you think? Of course it would only give the true feel if she put in a fake belly. Aaaaaaaand it might remind her date to keep his hands to himself. I think it would be effective, and yet stylish.

hmmm... she doesn't look very happy, does she?

Or maybe this one? Colorful, wouldn't you say? Hard to pick.


Anonymous said...

Lol... love your prom dress picks but for some reason I don't think your daughter will go for it!! I think I have finally talked my senior son to go. I want that prom picture! Your almost there.. at the end of the rainbow (as we use to say). Preceptorship is sooo much fun and will fly by and then your pinning ceremony. Those are very nice and touching. Hang on your almost there!!!!

Nursapalooza said...

Thanks Lori, I am uber excited! Good for you, we mom's HAVE GOT to have those dern pics!

alisa said...

Will you come out here and pick Taylor's dresses for her dances? I love your style.Congrats on your test. What is pinning? Does that mean you are official?

SummerAnytime said...

I can't wait till my preceptorship, congrats! Good luck on those last tests!

Nursapalooza said...

thanks y'all.
Alisa, it is sort of a commisioning ceremony. It's not the graduation (ADN) but just that you have passed nursing school. It's supposed to be very touching etc. I don't know I've never been to one. But I do believe, I'll go to mine! ;0

Well which ones do you like the best? (dresses) I've got more!! I hit K's facebook with them! haha!

SummerAnytime said...

By the way, what area are you preceptoring in? How does your school decide who gets placed where? At my school the rumor is that if three students all want nicu and there are only two spots, gpa will be the deciding factor.

Nursapalooza said...

I took mother/baby bc it was the only way to guarantee that i stay at the hospital that i REALLY want to work at. Ours are by choice, but the ICU/Emg only goes to students who REALLY excelled in that rotation. Mother/baby was open for anyone, but it became first-come/first-served kinda thing.