Monday, May 17, 2010

One great weekend...

Hi y'all, just wanted to check in to let you know that I am plugging away. I am back to the job search, this time with a better idea of what I want/don't want. I am still trying to find out where to find the geriatric jobs. I think I would love to work in one of the smaller care facilities, but they are harder to find. I am still applying for regular nursing jobs as well. In the meantime, I will sign up for flu shot nurse. It's not a career move, but it pays well enough while I'm on the hunt. I may sign up for home health also on a part-time schedule for the same reasons, plus it will keep some of my skills fresh.

This weekend was nice. I took the weekend to just breathe. I finished my embroidery project (T-towels)
for my friends birthday. It was so fun.

I made Fat Tuesday Noodles with Smoked Sausage & Shrimp yesterday. It was spicy, and absolutely yummy. My fam went to see Ironman 2 which was so much fun. So overall, a wknd to just relax, and get used to the new "place" in which I find myself.

Also this wknd our church "Left the Building". Which means, our church of a few thousand went out into the community to help with different activities/chores instead of church. They had something for every age to do. It was in the works for months, so it was well organized. So Saturday, I went to a convalescent hospital to entertain some lovelies there. We played Bingo, and sang some old songs. It was so much fun, you know I love these folks. My hubby helped clear some trails nearby, and my boy helped at a home that was falling apart. I love this concept, and would love it if they organized it twice a year.

That's it for now, how are you??

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Just Sweet Love said...

1) The embroidery project looks AMAZING! Please, please, please show me the next time we craft together.

2) Holy moly, that dish looks so yummy, please teach me how to cook it the next time we craft together.. because remember how I seem to always give myself food poisoning? Now I'm not allowed to cook at home... :(

So glad you had a good weekend!! Goodluck on the job hunt!!