Monday, May 24, 2010


So, I finally finished making my Jewelery Frame. Yes, I invented this months ago, when I was on the hunt for something to hold my jewelery. I have never really like the jewelery box idea, so I've kept them in a bunch of separate dishes, and I would just plum forget what I had. So I wanted something that displayed it all. Don't get me wrong, most of my stuff is junk jewelery, but some of it is nice. I saw someone display it all on a wall with a bunch of nails. I liked that idea, but I didn't have that much room. Somehow, I thought of a frame, where I could put a bunch of hooks, nails and wire/chain to display it all. The effort paid off. I LOVE how it turned out! What do you think? Be honest with me, I can take it! My daughter loved it and wants one, so I will make her one too. I was going for whimsical. I think I still may end up putting on some sparkly stars and a few words here and there on the wood, but mostly, it's done!

I also decided to take my daughter's senior pictures, to save @ $300 from school. They came out so well. I've picked out my two fave for you to see.


Kim said...

I like it! I think I would try, instead of putting the cups on there, to put smaller bags or dowels or something, I think the cups kind of drag it down. Neat idea though, very neat.

Anonymous said...

I really like the frame!! I hate jewelry boxes too and can't see to find something I like. What a neat idea and I think I might try making something like that!
I like the senior pictures too. It just blows my mind how much this stuff costs. My oldest didn't want a senior ring (thank goodness) my middle son wanted one and it broke the bank!

Anonymous said...

Ilove the jewelry holder!!

Nursapalooza said...

Hey Kim, yeah, I was something kind of old or whimsical. I'll try to think of some other ideas. It holds my post earrings. Do you ziplocs? I don't like that...but I'm thinking, what else? All ideas appreciated. I have pondered covering some styrofoam with fabric to stick them onto, but I'm not sure where/how to place that.

Go for it Lorie! It was fun, and relatively easy. I got the frame at a craft store with a 50% coupon, and used chain on a roll that they had in the ribbon section. I used carpenter tacs to keep those babies in place. And the nails were just decorative nails, cheap.

Thanks Tif, you are very kind.

Just Sweet Love said...

wow, that looks amazing!! i want to learn!!

here's the blog of the girl whom i saw the hair tutorial for:

try it!!! you're going to love it!

善水 said...

that toe things!
it says "dad! cheer up!" haha
so sweet :)