Thursday, November 19, 2009


Surprisingly, I haven't received thousands of dollars towards my Paris birthday party. Whaaaat??? Hmmm...maybe Chuck E Cheese would be more in line.

I have been applying for every job I can get my greedy little hands on, which isn't much let me tell you. If you are a facebooker, you have heard all of my whining. My newest hunt has been at the smaller hospitals, but even there, pickins are slim to none. The good news? While scrapbooking one day, I was sharing with my friends the dismal job outlook, and a woman came up to me asking if I was looking for a nursing job! So...long story short, I was able to get a job at her home health company. Most of the jobs are LVN level, and do not pay what hospitals do, but it will be excellent training and experience for me, and will help me get a hospital job eventually. So I am very thankful for it, even though it is not exactly what I had been hoping for. As quite a few good friends have mentioned to me... it sounds as if it was a gift from God, and is probably right where He wants me. I have been praying to be wherever He wants me. So, at the end of the month, I will begin training. The patients are all children, most with neural issues. I hope to be a comfort and blessing to these families.
On the home front: Hubby continues to struggle with his job, but is really trying to have a better attitude. Meanwhile, we've just been told, that $200-$400 MORE will begin to be deducted from his ALREADY $700 pay cut to pay for benefits! So my little job does come at a good time.
My kids are enjoying school, the daughter is starting to gear up for the change over into college, and my boy is loving high school, and has his first girl friend. She seems very sweet, and he has been good about it so far.

We love Fall around here, and went to Oak Glen to enjoy the colors. It was too late to pick the apples, but we did buy a big bag of Honey Crisp apples, yum.
Our last Jane Austen book club meets this week. We will be discussing Persuasion. So far, my least fave. A tad slow, and what the heck, I'm 2/3 through, and NO romance! What the heck.
I think that's it for me. How are you doing? Leave a comment!


KLS said...

You're a blessing to anyone who has you in their life!

12 weeks at a time said...

I'm so happy for you! This will be a great learning experiance and will be a great foot in the door to the nursing job you'll have down the line. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Everything happens for a reason!! God is working in your life and you never know but this job might be "the" one or a good stepping stone. Any job is better than NO job right? lol.. I happened to float to the Infusion center way back in July for one day and the person working with me was one of the head nurses there.. she was so impressed with me that it landed me my prn job there on the weekends and possibly more! Blessings are often disguised! Good luck!!!

Nursapalooza said...

thanks ladies, you are as always very encouraging!

LivingDeadNurse said...

great learning experience and then maybe with the experience you can find a job you really want