Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hookers green

no, I'm not speaking about a nauseous prostitute, just a name of one of my watercolor paints. I just thought it might grab someones attention since I don't have anything life shaking going on here in my blog....

Well let's see what's new with me...

nada...nothin'....zilch etc...

I am applying still all over the place, and now I'm trying to hunt down the boutique hospitals (my term). You know the little hospitals with a couple hundred or less beds. These are wonderful little hospitals, but they are not easy to find. They usually don't have a website, a nurse recruiter, or any information you can find! So hunting is what you have to do to find them! I went to 4 of them on Friday, dropped off resume/ap, and now I wait. I took and passed the NRP class (Neonatal Resus. Program) so I can better try for those NICU jobs. CHOC finally opened their new grad jobs, so I applied there, and I'm waiting. They can take until Dec.15 to notify. I also applied for the local hospital for their new grad program, but I know they REALLY look for a BSN, so I would be surprised to hear from them. I will take an EKG class later this month, so I can better apply for all those Tele/ICU jobs.

I am still plugging away at watercolors. It is definitely more difficult now, but still just as enjoyable. My lemons came out so much better the other day. And we worked on more monochrome still-life's, but actual objects. So dang hard. But so dang fun. My homework is to make sunshiney clouds and stormy clouds. Remember when my homework was concept maps? Me too, it makes me laugh...and cry for those of you still making those horrid things.

Halloween was very fun. The daughter was Luke Skywalker, and the boy was batman. They both are regressing, because you know, nerdy is now cool. The hubby and I took turns handing out candy. Weird.... it was the first year we were both doing that. Usually one of us was with the kids. *warning, warning, sneak peak into empty next syndrome!!!*

I've started a new exercise regimen (that I am breaking at this moment...) to get up earlier, get exercise clothes on, and NOT to hit the computer until I have exercised. Well...I had a good two days before breaking it. I will still go though...really.

In home news, we found out we have a MAJOR termite infestation, Here's the mound in our backyard that we had thought was one of our kids mud pies.... All right, that wasn't in our yard, because if we did have one of those, we'd just rent a chimpanzee, give him a stick, and be done with them, right? No, we have the wood kind, in the whole bloody house! So THAT'S why our house has gotten more squeaks in the last few years! Oh good, hubby has a major pay cut, I don't have a job, and here, here's $1000 bucks! Urgh.
And yesterday, my hubby had a really stressful day, with a fellow cycler crashing, and dieing! to then be revived.... (thanks to some quick thinking CPR for over a half an hour, and Prayer!) and then he had to chase a mousy down that our sweet kitty brought in for him to cheer him up. Poor Eric, quite the day.

Well that's all the news I can think of. Have a lovely week.


ParisBreakfasts said...

That's a wonderful mouse wearing a Hooker's Green helmet!
YOu have a lot on your plate.
Bravo on the lemons!!

Anonymous said...

LOL on the mouse!! We had one in the house but the trap took care of him Monday night! My daughter wanted to be humane I said no way... hooker green... how did they come up with that name lol.. good luck on the job hunt!

KLS said...

I'm feeling for ya girl, on the job hunt thing. Something's bound to come up, especiallynow that they're reopening the new grad positions. I'll keep wishin', hopin' and prayin'!

I can't wait to be able to take fun classes, just for the FUN of watercolors. You'll have to put up some of your work! Whether you think it's any good or not. I like abstract anyway! :D

I find your taking these extra certification courses inspirational, ever since you did ACLS. I'm going to have ot jump on that bandwagon!