Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall is coming...

(The view from my Widow's Walk) (Okay, so maybe it's not, I live in Suburbia for pity sakes, but a girl can dream can't she? And my sky was almost this perty)
I absolutely LOVE Fall! And I know it's not officially Fall, but I can feel it in the air. Yesterday at dusk, the sky was amazing, with beautiful layers and colors, and there was a cool breeze. I was in heaven. So I sat out in my front yard with my hot tea, and just enjoyed it. My hubby joined me, it was so nice. Even though I keep whining for a porch or a viewing loft, I was darned happy with my plastic chair on the grass. (the viewing loft or widows walk is my GREAT idea. I just want Eric to build this on the roof so I get a better look at the sunsets. I don't know what the big deal is, just some wood, nails, and some plastic chairs. I think it is an amazing thought, don't you???) That's a widows walk. Of course my house is a really small little house from 1950, but I think my little house could pull it off. Sorta.

So, I haven't blogged in quite a while, and I do apologize, but there is less to chat about when someone is not holding the proverbial exam/paper/concept map gun at your head every other day! And let me tell you, it's WONDERFUL, and you will get here if you're not here yet {Kirsten especially, I know how darned antsy you are! :) }

The job hunt continues. I must have about 30 or more aps out there. And the exciting thing that happened last wk still baffles me. I went for a meet & greet, and ended up getting an interview for an opening that I did not know about! I was absolutely thrilled. Two days after that, I got a call for a second interview with the Director and Manager of Oncology of said job. So, yesterday I had that interview! It was so exciting and terrifying. It went well I believe, but they are interviewing hordes more in the next 2 wks, so I wait. I hope to still interview for some jobs that are closer, but we'll see.

My hubby is now training for Cyclocross (a bicycle race over a cross-country course, with steep hills, turns, and sometimes muddy terrain, that occasionally requires a rider to carry the bicycle over fences and up stairs) in place of triathlons. He is excited about it, and I like the idea because I can actually watch one, aaaaaaaaaand they are not as early as those absurd 6am races! These run at a respectable 9 or 10. Much more humane to my way of thinking don't you think? And they run during Fall & Winter, my FAVORITE seasons.

My boy is on the Cross Country team, and I guess I worry because he has issues with his knees. Today he limped to school, but not because of his knees but his ankle. Hmmmm. And the big news about him, is that he has officially passed me in height. He's so cute.

The daughter got her very first job at Togo's and she is loving it. She is pocketing away the dough saving for a car. She will get busier with FFA this year as it is their 50 yr anniversary at her school. She's got a bit of Senioritis, but she's been responsible so far about homework and such. She loves her classes this semester since she no longer has math or French, and she has Novels and Sociology.
Well that covers it all for me, how are you doing?? What's new with you?

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LivingDeadNurse said...

good lord you sound busy..the widow walk sounds great...just some nails and stuff..lol