Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy July!

Yep, Fourth of July is a day away, and I have no plans. My poor hubby keeps trying to get me to commit to something, and I come up with the same ole thing, "Let's hang out at home, then drive over to ____ to watch the fireworks". Simple huh? That's what I want. Then he's like, wanna call someone to come over? Oh my, I'd have to clean...although...I did just clean the toilets for NO reason at all, hmmmm. Anyhoo, each day is full, though not with too much fun. I study, clean house (a little, I don't go crazy for pity sake), study and that's about it. I am supposed to do 100 questions a day, but the 75 on Kaplan takes me HOURS, and then I don't wanna! And I also need to review materials that I'm weak on. My testing day is Aug. 3rd..did I already mention that in previous post? Anyway, I've got MAJOR butterflies, and LOTS of studying to do before then.

On the upside, I bought tickets for Spamalot last night! WHOOO HOOOO! I am sooo danged excited! They had a $49 ticket deal for really good seats, so I had to grab it! And at that price my hubby wants to go too, so we'll take our whole little family. The seats look good, I hope so. I LOVE Broadway musicals, but I am pretty picky. This one is based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which is a completely silly classic. When I saw a piece of the musical on the Tony's years ago, I've wanted to see it, but it took forever to get here (L.A. area)
My daughter is still in Trinidad, and from what I hear of the team news, she/they are all doing well, and adjusting to the severe humidity. They have been very busy with a VBS, and doing outreaches at public schools and at church a few nights a week. As of today, she's been there one full week, and will be coming home in only TWO weeks! I'm so proud of her, and I'm really glad she is there, but I miss her like crazy. The rest of us are doing well. We went and saw Wolverine at the dollar theater, it was sooo good. Next wk, the boy will be gone so me and the hubby are trying to come up with a plan of fun for us. Suggestions anyone? (keeping it on the inexpensive side please) Okay, I really should get back to studying, see ya.


Katie said...

You'll love it!! I saw it in NY 2 years ago. SUper funny, especially for someone with a quirky sense of humor like you... and I mean that in a good way!

Prisca: said...

Did I mention that my favorite NCLEX book is the Saunders book?? Here is an old post of mine on what helped me pass the NCLEX:

Good luck studying!

ann said...

Sex in the kitchen? Fun and inexpensive. :)

Nursapalooza said...

HEY ANN! Who knew you could be sooo wild?!
Although w/my bad back, that would probably end me up in Physical therapy with a WHOLE lot LESS sex, for a VERY LONG TIME! So, I'll have to keep the creativity limited to something soft! Hee hee