Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finished Second week of Orientation

It was another long week, but much more hands on. My head is absolutely swimming from all the information handed to us in a packet, and competencies! I am completely OVERWHELMED! This week I will actually begin my preceptoring on the Stroke Unit. I am so impressed with the knowledge and manpower on this floor. We have a Stroke Director, Department Director, Nurse Educator, NP, PT, OT, ST, Social worker, case worker, and 2 stroke MD's who absolutely specialize, all for our little 19 bed unit! We will be moving to 35-40 beds in Aug/Sept, but still! I am feeling so nervous about starting since it's been NINE months since I've done any nursing! The other 3 new grad nurses in our unit all graduated just in December, and precepted at this hospital, so I feel like I'm the only one behind. But God is big, and will get me through!

That's it for now. It will be nice to go to nursing hours and miss the traffic a bit, but I'm not used to those 12 hr shifts that I used to do. Ah well, time to buck up! I will have one orientation day (through new grad ed) and two preceptoring days from here on out. Please pray for me, I'm so darned nervous...! I am definitely feeling rusty!


Anonymous said...

You are a new grad so they totally expect you to be nervous and ask tons of questions but I know exactly how you feel. The infusion center wants me to start working there more and the thought of starting a new job like that throws me into anxiety fits.. don't know why but I hate starting a new job!! Good luck and it will all feel better when that first paycheck comes in!!

hope2brn said...

It will all come back and you will be shocked at what you remember! Congrats on the new job!! Your paycheck will be coming soon!! So happy for you!!

FoodFunFarmLife said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog all the way over in East Africa - it's lovely to 'meet' you :) Good luck with your new position - it sounds like hard work, but rewarding work, too !

Percival said...

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