Tuesday, June 23, 2009

gettin' ready

So we've been shopping and preparing for K to take off to Trinidad. And I have to say, the closer I get to Thur, the sadder I am feeling. I mean, I'm totally proud of her, and I know she'll have a great time, and growth, but dang, she's my little girl too. Okay, so I'm gonna have to buck up, bc she is darned excited, and I will NOT bring her down with me!

I'm going to finish Kaplan on Wed. It has been excellent, and well worth the expense. I am still waiting for an email or letter saying I can schedule my NCLEX. So in the mean time I am studying. Not enough, but about 2 hrs a day. Once the class ends, I will add even more study time. It is hard with my whole darned family home. But I will buckle down. Most of my study is on the computer, so I can't just take off elsewhere to study.

I visited my mom a few days ago. It is so hard to see her in that bed, but her mood was up, and I am thankful for what I do have with her. But dang, Alzheimer's is just so horrible.

I hope I didn't bring y'all down, just a little hard, but I'll be good. God bless, all.


KLS said...

Alzheimer's seems to be the theme of the week. We're headed out of town today to go to my husband's uncle's funeral. He's been suffering from AD and had a MI Sunday night and passed away.

As far as K going to Trinidad, I know how you feel. LB went to visit my parents two summers ago and it was the first time he'd been away. Ugh. Now he's all excited about going off to college in two years. Darn kids.

Anonymous said...

The end is almost near!! Keep up the studying! Hugs to you on your mother.

12 weeks at a time said...

My sister spent three months in trinidad and loved it! She was there as part of her masters program for world health. I think she was working in Aids clinics. I know your daughter will love it. Continued good luck in your NCLEX studying, I know it's hard in the summer!

Tiffany said...

sending my love and positive thpughts t both your daughter and Mom!

Tiffany said...

Sorry for the spelling errors, stupid iphone!