Saturday, August 02, 2008

old friends

it was lovely a week or so ago getting together with some friends from where I began nursing school. Though I don't miss that school I sure miss some great friends. Here I am with Mihai and Andrea. They are officially RN's! Wow, that is so cool. Mihai even showed me his "RN" card. I didn't know there was such a thing. Now they are on the job hunt. Andrea wants to be an operating room nurse, and Mihai probably infusions. I am sooo totally proud of them. it was a tough road.
Eric and the kids went up to visit his Aunt who lives near the Grand Canyon. They had fun doing the following: Visiting the Grand Canyon, driving down a 20 mile dirt road to the bottom (I'm kinda glad i missed that one!), vising a ghost town with burros who wander through, having 115 degree weather, visiting with Aunt Dotty who shared the secret of being a Dane (I'm not one, so Eric can't tell me), and family history about Eric's mom who passed away when he was 7. They also went into the Grand Canyon caverns. I think that was the kids favorite thing.
I stayed home and relaxed, read, went out for a nice meal, scrapbooked, and studied. It was heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaven having 3 days to myself. I loved every minute!
Shruti and I got together to study this wk for 3 hours. We went over further cardiovascular study. This has been a weakness for both of us, so it was totally helpful.
We are now getting ready for our San Fran trip. What are you all up to?


ann (the carnie) said...

I wish I could have gone to lunch with you guys! That was the day we made our family trek to the Fair (missed you by a couple days, wish I could have seen you at the Fair too). Enjoy the rest of your summer (love your music/pics) ~:)

Anonymous said...

Hey H! Love the pictures. 4th semester is just around the corner! Excited? You caan doo it! Take care!

Andrea :D