Tuesday, July 15, 2008

what can i say...

There's just not as much to write about during the summer. I mean, do you REALLY want to hear me tell you about me sitting on my butt reading?

This is a pic of Monty. He will be attending the county fair all wk. My daughter will be competing on Thur and Fri for FFA, with darling Monty. He's 265 lbs of fun right now, and we think he is going to show very well. He is soon to be sausage, ham, pork chops etc. If you are from PETA, please leave.

Yesterday we went to the beach where i proceeded to sit on my fanny reading.
Here's Eric and Bryce setting up.

What else? Hmmmmmmmmm we saw Ironman (i liked that), and hellboy (love that red man). Rented Waitress which I loved. Have met a couple times with study partner. It is totally helpful to have someone holding you accountable to read booooooooring IV stuff. We went on a small campout up in big bear which was nice to get together with some friends.

For one crazy wk, ran my daughter around getting ready for her big 16th bday bash (Alice in Wonderland). Here's her cake I made: The cake and decorations came out sooo cute, if i dooooo say so myself! This is our backyard with giant homemade flowers, and hundreds of Christmas lights everywhere. The kids had fun, especially with the kiddie jumper in the front yard. We left all teenagers fully pumped up with sugar when their parents picked them up.

I am doing a lot of scrapbooking. Now I need to catch up on my journaling, which i generally can't stand. I have 3 boxes full of scrapbooked pics to journal. I have to journal dang it, if I'm ever going to get them in a book!

so what are YOU up to???

Ummm i think that's about it. I am loving the relaxation.


Katie said...

Sounds like my kind of summer! I have been scrapping a ton too, but not journaling. Chris is taking the kiddies camping all week next week so I plan to sit my butt down at the computer and do it all... hopefully Afton won't mind 8 hours of TV everyday (jk). I like the new pics on your blog... go to see your smiling face and your way grown up kids!

Candice Carpenter said...

Oh yay! I love it when you blog. And Kirsten's dress is so cute. Worth the $50 or how ever much you said it was. She looks like such a hottie! Oh how scared you must be. LOL

I dodn't know you have an above ground pool?! How fun! I had a friend all through elementry and jr high who had an above ground pool...it was all we did in the summertime. Loved it! We would make these crazy whirlpools by swimming in circles. :-)

See you soon

hope2brn said...

That cake looks fantastic! The beach looks great..What a difference from the beach we go to here on the east coast. We are in save gas mode here. So we are doing a lot of local stuff. The community pool, library and the parks. (boring!!)We will be driving to Vermont to visit family in a few days so that will be our big Vacation. The pics are great. Your kids look like they are having a great summer!!
Keep on bloggin'