Thursday, May 01, 2008

so what's new?

Nothing much, i have been studying almost every day for at least 3 hrs like my goal i listed earlier. I turned in another concept map, and have one more to make this wknd..........grrrrrrrrrrrr. I really don't have time for that silliness! I worked 2 12 hr clinicals last wk instead of the normal one. I proudly went up to taking 3 patients, wahooooooo for me! So, i've been studying so much that i'm not scrapping, so that i can spend some time with my lovely family, cuz i'm not around much. The next exam will be a wk from today (Thur), and then the following wk, another ATI exam on Pharm. So i have tons to do. Once my last concept map is turned in, i can breath a little at least clinically.

so that's it, my whole life in a bubble!

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Anonymous said...

I tried your chicken spaghetti recipe. Everybody loved it. It was easy too. Just the way I like it. Hope all is well. :)