Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008....no way!

I say, no way because 2008 is the year I will (God willing!) finish RN school. That is just sooo weird. It seems like forever ago that I started the prereq's and nursing school. And if everything goes well, one year from now I should be getting pinned. Darned exciting I'm telling you! I am really starting to panic about which area of nursing I want to go into. I enjoyed the L/D but I don't think i'd want to do that constantly. I liked the Peds, cuz you do a bit of everything, without having to change, wipe grown up bottoms, but I also loved interacting with adults. Hmmmm. And here's the problem, I need to decide within the next few months, and here is why. For our fourth semester we do our preceptorship, and if you want anything other than adult med/surg, you need to be working there. ie:peds, get a job as a CNA this semester, and then get to do my preceptorship at CHOC (Chil hosp of orange county).... so i need to decide. I want to shadow some nurses at CHOC, in different areas, to see what interests me. Maybe Ped. Oncology, i dunno.

We had some friends over last night for new years eve. we had fun eating, playing games and laughing. It was great fun.

So my lil' cards up there say happy new year. Okay I get the four leaf clover, but the pig??? I don't know anything about a lucky pig, do you? And cash for the new year. Yep, we could all use a bit of that.

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Crystal said...

Happy New Year! It's an amazing feeling when you walk across the stage! Hang in there and try not to stress about what you are going to do. It will happen. If you don't like what you are doing after your first year, you can always start something else, that's the beauty of nursing! Have a very happy 2008!!